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How to create an image slider / slide show without programming – Part III


In this video I show how to add buttons and actions to the buttons to control the flow of the slides, how to add labels to the timeline in Edge Animate to be able to refer to those positions when playing actions and more.

In the next videos I will cover how to pause playing when rolling over (the mouse) the presentation, and resume playing when rolling out; how to add left/right arrows to control the flow linearly (back and forth); then, I will cover how to make things easier to manage with symbols that include many objects and their own animation timelines and how to add automatic navigation (make the buttons to be dynamically generated). Finally, we will cover more advanced automation, by generating the slide show form XML or JSON files, so they can be updated without opening the composition.

Check part 1 here
Check part 2 here

Do you have good suggestions for …

… a tool to handle digital downloads for sale. I am mainly interested in handling monthly subscriptions.

On my previous post I mention the launch of the Beta program for our Jewelry Assembly Management System. Well, once the beta is over I plan to sell it, both as one time payment (as most software apps) as well as a subscription offer. I am developing the application in Adobe AIR, so I need the subscription management platform to have an API that my application can talk to, to verify that users are up-to-date with their subscriptions.

If you happen to know a tool, system, platform… preferably a hosted cloud solution, please let me know. I will appreciate the help here.

Drawing Arrows in Actionscript 3 (Flex 4) Using Simple Trigonometry


Continuing the work on the last post – Drawing Stars and Bursts in Actionscript 3 (Flex 4) Using Simple Trigonometry, today I am showing how that little application can be extended to draw arrows of different types, such as the ones on the image below.

In order to create the arrows, we can take the half right side of a burst with 4 sides and render the arrow head with it. That means drawing a quadratic Bezier curve from Po to P1 and another from P1 to P2, using the controls points according to the inner circle (as described on the previous article). See figure above. The rest of the arrow is created by drawing lines from P2 to P3, P3 to P4, P4 to P5, P5 to P6 and then closing the shape with a line from P6 to P0.

Points P3, P4, P5, and P6 can be defined setting the parameters for “Arrow Length”, “Shaft Base Offset”, and Arrow Shaft Thickness”.

Changing the inner radius affect how the head of the arrow will be rendered. Experiment with the tool to produce concave, convex or straight shaped heads.

As usual, below is the application, in case you would like to try it out. Open it in a new tab by clicking HERE.

Get Adobe Flash player


Play around and let me know what do you think. Also, please give me any suggestions you may have to improve it or to extend it.

I have some ideas of where I would like to take it next, but getting yours would be great too.

Re-starting MylineRider blog again

I ignored my blog for a few months and it got sort of hijacked. So it was inaccessible.

Well, I decided not to “rescue” my old posts (they were old after all), but I am starting the blog again from scratch. New theme and a blank canvas to start writing and posting my rants about innovation, strategy, technology, online marketing, visualization and random stuff. This  is my diary while “exploring the world ahead”.

Soon, I will add a way to subscribe to the feeds, but for know just follow me on twitter if you are interested in what I have to say.