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Just Launched a Beta for Our Jewelry Assembly Management System | MyLinerider

Just Launched a Beta for Our Jewelry Assembly Management System


My wife  Maria designs and makes fashion jewelry, that she sells at Baloka.com.

She loves to do one-of-a-kind,  but for the type of products she makes and the price points she has, one-of-a-kind ‘s are not a good business model. After several discussions we agreed that she will produce copies of her designs when she gets orders.

That is all good. However, what happens when people order a design she made a while ago, let’s say a year ago. Well, does she know where did she get the findings, the beads and other materials? Probably not. You see, she sources her materials from anywhere she finds something interesting that calls her eye.

Well, that is why I decided to help her making a program to record the materials and related info (picture, vendor, component URL, etc), and include notes and instructions, so she can replicate her own designs.

Talking to other jewelry designers, we realized that most of them face with the same problem, so we decided to make a public beta. Thus, people can download the program and provide feedback to improve it.

We plan to have several iterations while in Beta, making sure we take into account the feedback from jewelry designers that join the beta program. Once the beta is over we plan to offer the program at a very attractive price point, so it will be accessible to (hopefully) all interested designers.

The nice thing about this is that non-jewelry designers that have heard us (my wife and I) talking about it, believe it can be adapted to other markets as well. Humm. maybe this is my future:)

Anyway, in case you want to check the application go to Baloka Product Assembly Management – Beta.

Let me know what do you think?